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Courses Taught

I am an experienced educator and have been the lead instructor on more than ten different geography courses. In my classes, I prioritize student engagement, oral and written communication skills, experiential learning, and thoughtful analysis. I currently teach human-environment and regional geography courses in my faculty position at Oregon State University. I have also mentored graduate and undergraduate students on individual research projects.

Oregon State University (2020-present)

GEOG 514 Political Ecology

GEOG 511 History and Philosophy of Geography

GEOG 333 Environmental Justice

GEOG 331 Population, Consumption, Environment

GEOG 314 Geography of Latin America

GEOG 300 Sustainability for the Common Good

GEOG 105 Geography of the Non-Western World

The Pennsylvania State University (2016-2019)

GEOG 30 Environment and Society in a Changing World

Portland State University (2011-2015)

GEOG 360 Latin America

GEOG 347 Environmental Issues and Action

GEOG 331 Geography of Globalization

GEOG 230 Environment and Society: Global Perspectives

Portland Community College (2011-2015)

GEOG 107 Geography of Global Issues

GEOG 105 Human Geography

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